21. Feb 2022


I made myself a memo to think about getting back into blogging. Quite a long time ago I had a super tense blog where I tried to be super hype. I blogged because I wanted to have an audience to show all the cool things that I read and watch, in order to convey how cool I am… Didn’t succeed 😅

A quick research brings up some nice links on how and why to blog1. Of the many reasons offered, I personally liked the improve your writing the best. Now, with my pivot into academia I can’t get enough writing practice and a blog will help me out by being a place with little pressure.

A quick note about my setup. Since I’m a programmer I feel quite comfortable with a little nerdy stack. I’m writing in Visual Studio Code with the foam plugin. I already used this setup for my MA thesis documentation and also to write my thesis paper with the help of pandoc. I then have the whole thing version through git and hosted on github through mkdocs. Maybe I’ll write about that some day 😌.



  1. For example Why you (yes, you) should blog or 9 Reasons To Start A Blog (And 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t).↩︎