09. Apr 2022

Three days after the last entry I got a positiv test on covid… so my post-achievement depression was probably also related to that. I’m always becoming super depressed when having a cold, the flu, or … covid it seems.

But the reflection helped me tons nonetheless. I started digging computing with limits, environmental aware computing, permacomputing and similar concepts. Some of the readings I enjoyed:

I continued planing the solar server, about which you could read more unter Solar Sensitivities. I had to learn some basics about batteries, power, electricity and all the important concepts like volt, watt, and ampere… I will probably buy the necessary hardware with the next paycheck and will care about the software side until then. That stuff at least I know by heart.

I’m also preparing my PhD proposal which gives me a lot of joy. It is basically about how we can think participatory about data in archives. There is stil a lot of work to be done to focus down on what I’m actually about to do. Just this week I started to read about records in context, which is a new standard in thinking and organizing data for archives. It got me quite excited 😅

With RiC, the fundamental archival principles - the provenance principle and the principle of preserving and clarifying the original contexts of records - are to be given their place in the world of linkable metadata.

Last but not least I started to learn uxn, which is an assembler language for creative computing. Parallel I opened up an account on a mastodon instance to share my journey and to interact with likeminded people. The community I found is super nice and I feel very good there. It is a complete different feeling then, say, Twitter or Instagram. Here is a screenshot of some uxntal code and the compiled result.

Screenshot of two desktop applications, overlaying each other. The application in the background shows uxntal program code. The application in the foreground shows the result of the code, which is just displaying five little squares.

I guess sooner or later I have to write my own thoughts on permacomputing approaches, and maybe even make a link to animism.