Posted on 2022-05-20.

Feel like I should write an update… here we go.

I recently finished the solar setup to post a small server and charge some other smaller devices during the day. I don’t understand everything, but I’m sure that knowledge will come through practice in the coming month. Right now I struggle with a to small battery. It holds 6Ah and that’s barely enough for a raspberry pi 4 idling for a quarter of a day. (See, I learned a thing or two about electronics)

But besides that it’s a fantastic feeling. There is a glass with some “color” on it and that powers my server? That’s black magic, honestly.

The first project that will live on the server is a zine on tech for the lazies or lazy tech. I started a call for entries on Mastodon, which got boosted and liked a lot. Haven’t hears anything yet, but there is still a month until the “deadline”.

This is the call for the first issue of Fallow ‘zine:


Besides that summer started and we finally got a plot of community garden. We added ourselves to the waiting list a good 1 1/2 years ago. It’s in a squatted football stadium, which is kind of an official intermediate use by now. My partner and I are not beginners with gardening, but also not the most experienced people yet. It’s a pleasant adventure to learn this together with her, try out things, create this project together. And, gardening makes happy and accustomed to the rhythm and cycles of something larger then us.