Labour Day – Erster Mai

Labour Day, labour month?

I had a brief moment this month, where I broke out in panic. Now, that the study semester is heading towards its end, it’s also time to talk about deliverables. Most of the workload will hit me in May, some of it in June. When trying to organize the workload, executive dysfunction kicked and some of the usual symptoms appeared. Like wanting to learn another language on top of everything, or frantically researching better way to manage tasks and move e v e r y t h i n g to a new software or platform.

It worked out in the end – found some ways to manage long-term tasks by setting the deadline, creating an overview per month, then and asses time budget per week and finally know what has to be done when. ==I’d love to have a system where I can easily zoom between quarter, month, multi-week, week and day and always have the relevant information in view.==

Plenty of other things happened during April. But the month went so quickly that I have the feeling most of it was much longer ago. It was Eastern, for example! I visited my family and we had a good time. Or I was moderating a workshop on the Interactive Language Models Days of the University of Bern. Some interesting convos happened.

I started to work on a paper for a disk-book, which is a book, but on a disk… It will be openable on a Commodore 64 (or an online emulator for that mater), and is organized by the AG Spiele. My contribution will be about a critical reading of the source code of the VICE emulator. I’m looking forward doing the research and writing on this one!

The garden is starting to become a proper garden. At least we’re working on it and things are growing. And I’m able to meet plenty of critters. Garden, garden work and critters give me a lot of joy.