Posted on 2023-05-29.


Temperatures raised above 25° C, and it feels like summer. Had a few free days this Pentecost and enjoyed it after a rather dense May. I got some ugly rash on my legs, and I suspect atopic eczema because of the stress interfering with my cortisol levels. I also visited a psychotherapist and a psychiatrist specialised on neuro-feedback to see if we can work on my ADHD.

More than half of the deliverables of this university semester are handed it, and I’m not too worried about the rest. I still have to do a multi-modal more-than-human piece on the beaver family living nearby. Last week I had an intermittent presentation on it and received good feedback. Until the end of June I’ll work on the piece as well as a text accompanying the film.

I also started working on treating a code repository as a source for research, and applied some distant reading. The process was arduous, but first insights are unfolding.

My research colleague Yannick Rochat shared the essay Structured Procrastination with me, and I liked it a lot. It’s a fitting piece with Deadlines as Technology. It seems that the tools of the mind are as important as the organisational tools.

I also republished my MA Design wiki, which I had archived. But with Codeberg static pages, it was so easy to publish it.

Among other reads, I finished The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin. I enjoyed reading it, but can’t make much of it otherwise. It seems like a reflection on the anarchist freedom.

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