Posted on 2023-06-23.

Amphetamines and the multi-species discourse

I’m also blogging over at, but that one is specific to my PhD. Besides a stay in Rome for a Digital Humanities conference (on which I wrote on the other blog), June was much calmer so far. That might also have a connection with my new ADHD medication. After my return, I had a session with my psy, and we figured that it can make sense to try something to balance the specifics of my brain-activity. It seems that parts of my brain activate rather quick and over-excited, but then become bored and start to chill out. That is also the reason why I have a hard time staying on track for any activity. Any other external stimuli can take over priority easily.

The medication I’m getting is a kind of amphetamine, Lisdexamfetamin sold under the name Elvanse. I’m having the lowest possible dosage, 20mg, on a daily basis. Honestly, it felt a bit like LSD microdosing in the beginning, but I quickly got accustomed. It helps me a lot. I’m able to hyperfocus during the mornings and can stay concentrated on what I want to do until the late afternoon. Then I usually get a bit tired and more blurry in my focus. I already made so many positive experiences now during the last two weeks on medication… being able to focus and get things done without struggling and hustling gives me a lot of peace of mind and self-confidence.

Things like a talk next week as well as a paper I have to hand in don’t stress the fuck out of me, but get me healthily excited. I see how the talk will go, since I assume I’ll get nervous beforehand. But being able to prepare in peace and when I want to already helps very much. I also often experience getting into a flow and forgetting time now and usually go a bit earlier to bed as before.

Meanwhile, I handed in my last deliverable for the more-than-human multi-modal anthropology course.

It was a pleasure to write the reflection (also thanks to the meds). Currently, I work a lot with sentence outlines. They are a fantastic tool in drafting texts and work very well for me. The documentation for the course can be found under Exploring Human and More-than-Human Relationships.


Old pond…
a frog jumps in
water’s sound