Posted on 2023-09-12.

Fermenting fish, fermenting nuts

I’m back in the fermentation business and finally tried some new things. After a long hiatus on fermenting animal protein, I got my hands on some Garum. The other thing could not be more different from garum in terms of process and material, a Fermented cashew-spread.

Malahat | PJS | 梅レコード goes very well with fermentation if you are into ambient and slow stuff and IT055 - Recreation | Fireground | ILIAN TAPE if you like it a tad quicker. The latter makes you jump in the kitchen.

I moved from to iNaturalist because I can also add things like insects and mushrooms and what not. So if that is down your alley, connect with me via ttthgie. All the observations I made in had to be manually moved. But it’s a joy to have my insects online now as well, and I already started a biodiversity-project on the squatted football-stadium where we have a community-garden plot: Terrain Gurzelen.

And for a change, I could get some coding done. Didn’t do much of that for a while. I finally added some features and refinements to, my smol static site generator. I’m super proud of how it turned out 😅 One of the new features is an automatic RSS feed generator that works with a little YAML parser function for bash, which prompted the comment "“Oof, that "yaml" parser using sed is cursed :)”. The parser is definitely cursed, but it works really well :D But, this means there is now a proper feed.xml generated for this blog if you want to follow that.

Some other things are going on, have been going on, but that’s all for now.