La Jachère

Jachère means fallow means Brache. In the German language, a fallow is a piece of land that is unused for economic, regenerative or other reasons. It’s one of these places which are just left alone, for whatever reasons. You’ll encounter them anywhere where humans have ceased their activities, from the agricultural to the urban. The land can take a break, breath a moment, and give space to a different kind of life. Invasive species and pioneer plants move in, collectives seize the moment to mount a project, earth and minerals lay bare and rest. What transverses and entangles all of these actants is their anti-capitalist nature. Freed of the neoliberal imperative to be productive, other aspects of being together can unfold.

La jachère strives to be such a place. A little corner of the internet that is freed of economic reasoning, instead trying to root and entangle itself with the local and being environmentally aware. For now la jachère is a collaboratively edited archive of work in progress thoughts as well as texts. Other formats and aspects might arise at another time.


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