Sourdough starter

If, in this process, you have to much material, don’t discard it. Just make some easy flatbread. You should name your starter, and have a relationship with it. In a best case scenario you’ll be together for the rest of your life. I’ve got mine now for nine years (in 2023) and she is called Annina.

70 percent hydration, no fold sourdough

Rye Cripsbread

I love myself a proper Knäckebröd and rye crispbread is the cusp of this bread-genre. My goto recipe is Knäckebröd (Swedish Crispbread). The only difference is, that I ferment my dough longer, for up to 16h. My sourdough is spelt-based and usually takes a moment or two to accustomize to the rye. I copied the ingredients here and all you have to do is to mix the stuff, let it ferment for 8-16h and then have your cripsbread no thicker then 1-2mm. Bake it once for 8-10min at 200°C, and a second time for 20min at 100°C.

I also use a bit more sourdough starter, like 100g and caraway is never optional. I love that stuff. The aesthetics are not the best yet, and I have to work a bit on form and colour. But, they taste damn good …


Sunday, 15th January 2023

In this recipe I added afformentioned bread spices, rather roughly ground by hand. The flour part is a mix of 1/3 einkorn (some old sort of wheat) and 2/3 Ruchmehl, which is a flour where parts of the grains outer shell layers are left in.

During the folding phase.

That’s between shaping 1/2 and 2/2.

I used rice flour to seam the proofing basket. I made bad experience with white flour, and rice flour keeps the dough from sticking.

Finished proofing, flipped into soup-dish.

Cut and put into preheated casserolle.

After baking with lid.

Finished baking.