Sourdough starter

If, in this process, you have to much material, don’t discard it. Just make some easy flatbread. You should name your starter, and have a relationship with it. In a best case scenario you’ll be together for the rest of your life. I’ve got mine now for nine years (in 2023) and she is called Annina.

70% Hydration, no fold sourdough


Sunday, 15th January 2023

In this recipe I added afformentioned bread spices, rather roughly ground by hand. The flour part is a mix of 1/3 einkorn (some old sort of wheat) and 2/3 Ruchmehl, which is a flour where parts of the grains outer shell layers are left in.

During the folding phase.

That’s between shaping 1/2 and 2/2.

I used rice flour to seam the proofing basket. I made bad experience with white flour, and rice flour keeps the dough from sticking.

Finished proofing, flipped into soup-dish.

Cut and put into preheated casserolle.

After baking with lid.

Finished baking.