Game Studies

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HGP (Horror Game Politics)

The HGP-approach takes Roland Barthes concept of myth as a centerpiece and has a focus on historical source criticism, which is the critical viewing of the historical sources that inform research. The approach then goes through four main phases to analyse a game.

  1. production analysis
  2. product analysis
  3. reception analysis
  4. developing a catalogue of myth

Introduction to Game Analysis

Clara Fernández-Vara’s approach proposes to read games like texts, akin to the approach developed by Roland Barthes. The book then contains various aspects of what can be “read”, well organized into three major categories: context, game overview, formal aspects.

The book delivers a lot in where to gather data for your research and how to deal with it, but little in how to analyse the data. The book is mainly geared towards writing a text as output.

Video Games