This is the first Fallow Zine, a small zine that sprang forth from La Jachère. This zine is basically a simple attempt to think collaboratively about subjects that the Jachère/Fallow/Brache project concerns itself with. If you are interest to know what these are, please have a look at the About page.

There is also a playfully layouted version of this zine with Hotglue. Definitly check that out as well!

Lazy tech or tech for the lazies

If you are interested in this issue’s theme, there was a call for entries that is a bit more detailed. The Fallow Zine is open-ended. If you have something to add, please send it in!

In my personal opinion technology should make life easier. I get the impression, that this is not a common goal, when designing and producing technology. We have so much technology that makes everybody’s life (peoples, plants, animals, planets and other things) more complex, more difficult, and definitely less fun. It seems that the only way to make life easier is through capital.

The initial goal of this zine was an attempt to paint a different idea of technology, or dream a different dream of what technology could be, provide a different starting point or vocabulary to talk about technology. Since this idea only existed in my head, more or less, I was very surprised how others interpreted the call for entries.

Some of it occupies itself to different degrees with the refusal of technology, the minimization of it, not unlike the Luddites. It’s not about being anti-technology, but about drawing the line and stating, that we actually have more than enough technology already. Other entries are a bit more playful, easing the air and adding some lightness. And of course some of it aids in being lazy.

So, let’s dive in. Get yourself comfy, and let us collaboratively refuse the onslaught of technology. Have a tea, eat some cookies, enjoy the moment. Here is what’s in for you in this issue.

If your feeling lazy today, just know that last weekend my mom told my to vacuum my room so I youtubed vacuum noises and took a nap