Growing in the cracks

By Shane Finan All photos and illustrations (c) by Shane Finan

I have been developing a series of drawings and photographs that are looking at the moments between human built space, where plants have taken root and are growing. This is part of a larger project about liminal spaces and thresholds, which is ongoing. I have not written anything up on this yet, as a lot of the process is still fermenting, but I wanted to submit the images as they might have some visual use/identity and I like the idea of your project of fallow-ness. If they are not a fit/not selected then that is completely understandable and I welcome comment – I see these as works in progress and not as completed ideas.

That was the general idea Shane approached me with. We discussed some ways of letting the illustrations growing out of cracks in the finished zine. But that might be a thing for an enhanced version of this issue 😅 and who knows when that will happen… (sorry Shane!)

I love the idea of looking at how our human infrastructures are taken over by flora when we are not constantly combat those beautiful plants.

fallow0 fallow1 fallow2

limin0004 limin0007 limin0009 limin0012