Suonen 1

This specific technology is ancient and has been in use by cultures and communities since forever: water irrigation systems. Suonen are just a version that is specific to a region in Switzerland, in the state Wallis. What’s special about this iteration is its placement in mountain landscapes.

Bisse_de_Saviese_Torrent-Neuf Bisse de Savièse with the Tunnel du Moujerin on the valley slope of the Morge

If you look at this image and others on the Wikipedia entry on Suonen, you can imagine how much energy was invested in creating and maintaining such as system. Nonetheless, it seems that it was worth it. Either you get water into places otherwise not possible or transporting the water to these other places by other means probably needed so much more resources.

Once in place and properly maintained (hoping that the materials used last) the Suonen work, almost magically, thanks to gravity. Not necessary a technology for the lazies, because of the high initial energy expenditure, but definitely a lazy technology.