Posted on 2022-04-17.

Jachère Deployment and Publishing

As of now1 this websites lives on a Raspberry Pi 4 in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, alongside some other stuff. The content of la Jachère is managed and collaboratively edited through a git repository, currently residing at Codeberg.

The deployment is managed by a small script I coded, named It’s a shell script that uses pandoc to render html files from the markdown ones and pushes them directly into a separate branch of the repository. I opted for pandoc, since I wanted to keep it simple in terms of tools and toolchain and because some of the content uses citations that are fed from a bibtex file.

Last summer2 I was playing around with having the server solar-powered. You can read here about the Solar Setup. I ended up, not finding a spot for the panel and thus had suboptimal results. The setup still exists and I will continue next summer with the experiments.