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The Definitive Guide to ADHD Project Management March 09, 2024 adhd, project, task-management, organization
29 Days Later March 03, 2024 dissertation, microbit, music
Perfect Days February 03, 2024 frugality, permacomputing, japan
Some notes on organisation and journaling January 01, 2024 adhd, journaling, organization, reflection
From despair to relieve – Dealing with an ADHD meds fallout December 05, 2023 adhd, medicaments, fallout
ChatGPT for expanding and compressing text November 10, 2023 ChatGPT, writing, presentation
Journaling, Tasks, and Sourdough Rye Crispbread November 05, 2023 baking, journaling, task-management
Fermenting fish, fermenting nuts September 12, 2023 fermentation, more-than-human, coding
A post at the end of summer vacation August 13, 2023 vacation, summer, chill
Festivals as transitional spaces July 09, 2023 nifff, film, festival
Amphetamins and the multi-species discourse June 23, 2023 journal, adhd, more-than-human
Summertime May 29, 2023 journal, reflexion
Labour Day – Erster Mai May 01, 2023 work, journal, reflexion
Spring appreciation and catching up post April 11, 2023 catching up
On Concentration and Reading Practice March 06, 2023 adhd, reading-practice
End of month post: January 2023 January 29, 2023 journal, reflexion
Midjourney’s site of production January 24, 2023 ai, visual culture, capybara
A new year’s update January 08, 2023 update, game studies, isopods, site generators
From archival practices to game studies October 26, 2022 dissertation, research
My research and writing workflow August 19, 2022 research basics, writing basics
It matters what code we write code with July 16, 2022 haraway, uxn, permacomputing
On COMPOSTs, soil and gardening July 05, 2022 compost, soil, hummus, reads, garden, community
Post DHCH and towards easier days June 17, 2022 post-achievement, conference, rome, presentation
May, when summer arrives May 20, 2022 infrastructure, solar sensitivity
Computing with limits April 09, 2022 practice, computing, coding, phd
Into the media^alps March 07, 2022 event, workshop
Post achievement practice March 07, 2022 reflexion, practice
Introduction February 21, 2022 log, reflection