End of Month Post: January 2023

Maybe this format sticks, perhaps not. I like the thought of looking back a short period of time, and catalog what was, what happened, what was done. I don’t want to use this to show off what great projects I did, but have it a bit more on the personal side. We’re all human, aren’t we?

My guiding mantra for 2023 is profound boredom1. All in all I had the feeling I was able to take time for this and the transition between jobs.

I also went to have a neuropsychological evaluation with a professional. The reason being that at times, it’s close to impossible for me to stay focused or concentrated. I’m not talking about procrastination here. It’s about ADHD level of forgetting what I was told, racing thoughts, unable to read a sentence because the text is quick flowing lava, and at times I suffer. The evaluation should bring a bit of clearance, what I could work on. Results next month :)